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5 ways online travel agencies make traveling a lot easier

Over two decades, one would need to spend a lot of time, money, and effort planning a single trip. Given the expensive airfares and hotels during the early days, not many people are encouraged to take out-of-town or out-of-the country vacations often.

But with the rise of online travel agencies (OTAs), the travel industry has significantly changed. OTAs simplify planning a trip for everyone. In one search, you can find everything you need for your trip: flight options, hotel choices, prices, discounts, photos, reviews and even payment methods.

Here are more ways OTAs make traveling so easy for everyone:

1) Booking an entire trip in one sitting

Online travel agencies give you various options for both flight and hotel deals. All you have to do is select your destination and the online system will do the searching for you. OTAs can give you a lot of suggestions according to your budget, destination, departure and arrival dates, and preferences.

Booking your trip through an OTA saves you a lot of time. There’s no need to visit several websites, arrange separate bookings and make numerous phone calls. OTAs allow you to plan your trip anytime, at your own convenience.
2) Finding the best bargain

With several options laid out before you, it’s easier to compare prices, schedules and accommodation. You can also arrange the list from the lowest to the highest prices. Sometimes, OTAs like Traveloka even have a free mobile app to make travel bookings more convenient and where travelers can also find cheaper prices and exclusive promos.

But before hitting the book button, make sure to read everything that concerns the price. Find out if there are additional charges and the other inclusions of the deal.
3) Discovering travel inspirations

One interesting advantage of OTAs is they don’t just serve as a booking platform. People also discover a lot of travel ideas while they search for hotels and destinations through the agencies’ websites. OTAs can also lead you to places you can add to your bucket list.
4) Getting a glimpse of your travel

One of the most common dilemmas for travelers is the risk that comes with coming to a place for the first time. You never know whether the room is actually comfortable or the destinations are really great unless you get there.

Through OTAs, you can read honest reviews from actual travelers who share their experience. By reading these reviews, you can have an idea of what kind of experience you can have with a hotel or a destination. You can also learn tips and other recommendations.

5) Sealing the deal anytime

What’s great about online booking is you can secure your slot immediately, anytime. You can settle payments through an OTA’s website right away once you’re satisfied with the details of your trip.

There are several payment methods available 24/7. For Traveloka, you can pay through BPI via Dragonpay, 7-Eleven convenience stores, or BDO via Moreover, you can go paperless with your plane tickets and hotel vouchers as the app makes them accessible on various devices even if you’re offline.

Online travel agencies are indeed a life-saver for many travelers. Try the convenience and the money-saving perks of OTAs for your next trip.