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Which International destinations can I travel to and what safety measures will be imposed upon arrival?

For international travel:

  • Before you travel, it’s important that you check the entry requirements of your destination country and the measures to follow upon your return. For example, you may need to provide a medical certificate attesting that you’re fit to travel; you may have to undergo a COVID-19 screening test prior to departure and/or upon arrival; you will be asked to provide your contact information upon arrival so that you can be reached if need be; you may be required to quarantine at destination or upon your return. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these requirements and comply with them.
  • We recommend you contact the airline prior to your departure. The website of the International Air Transport Association is also a reliable source of information.
Can I make a new booking for a later departure in 2020?

Yes. To reassure you and allow you to make a new booking for your next vacation with complete peace of mind, we’re offering various flexible options. We have also relaxed our cancellation terms but subject to airline's policies.

How do I redeem my cruise credit for a new booking?

When you’re ready to make a new booking, simply mention that you’d like to apply the credit to your purchase. Have your initial booking number on hand for reference.

Be advised we will only process cruise reservation done through our system.


Is it true that if I use my credit on a trip that’s lower in price, I lose the price difference?

No. The travel credit can be used in several installments , but is is non transferable and non endorseable.

If you don’t use the full value of your credit on your new trip, you can use the remaining value to purchase other add-ons from the same carrier. The validity is subject to airline's policies on case to case basis.

How do I get my insurance cancellation request?

Check with your insurance company to find out exactly what type of document or confirmation you need. You can then request it by calling/chatting us.We offer 24/7 customer support on all our social platforms.

I didn’t show up at the airport for my flight . Am I entitled to a refund or credit?

It is imperative that you contact us or the airline in advance if you are not taking a flight. Make sure you do so before the deadline, which may vary depending on when you made your reservation and the type of ticket you purchased. As a result, you will not be reimbursed and are not entitled to a travel credit.However some No Show tickets might be rebookable but subject to penalties

I have a booking for a destination offered, but I would like to make a change. What are my options?
Contact us with specific details of the reservation.However,regular conditions for modification and/or cancellation of the package you have booked still apply. If you have purchased a flexible service addons, a package or a ticket whose conditions allow you to modify or cancel your reservation, you will be able to take advantage of them. However, change or cancellation fees may apply.
Not eligible for delayed/canceled flight compensation, Why?

This program will not be availed for passengers if:

  • Passenger did not show up at the airport for check-in (no-show passengers), regardless of there reservation status will not be entitled for this program.
  • Early departure.
  • Delayed flights on domestic services.
  • Delayed flights beyond Airlines control such as:
    • Adverse weather conditions
    • Political turmoil at point of the passenger’s origin or destination
    • Safety or Security concerns
    • Industrial disputes
    • Labor and other strikes
    • ATC or/and other airport operational problems.

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